Opening this August in Utah County

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Classical Ballet Academy emphasizes a strong classical technique and a flow of movement that suggests a sense of energy, freedom, and joy-reflecting the passion for performance emphasized by school director/owner Jennie Creer-king

Classical Ballet Academy offers ballet classes for all ages and begins teaching children to understand and enjoy movement. Student’s progress through the ballet curriculum, learning how to set realistic goals so that they may excel to the best of their abilities. Students gain immeasurably from having studied at CBA by developing self-motivation, self-discipline, poise, grace, physical adroitness and an appreciation for the arts, which they carry with them throughout their lives.

Classes are offered in classical ballet, pointe, variations, contemporary, jazz, modern, and creative dance.

For the student wanting a professional career Classical Ballet Academy has implemented a pre-professional experience through Provo Civic Ballet. Trainees in Provo Civic Ballet are invited by Artistic Director and Classical Ballet Academy Owner/Director Jennie Creer-King.


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